Kate Bowens’ paintings are lit by her curiosity and love of colour, light and shape.  From a background in Painting Conservation she has learnt in depth about painting supports and the effects of different grounds on the paint surface.

In July 2013 she  moved to Yangon Myanmar. The first two years decaying architecture and the changing cityscape of Yangon were the source of inspiration for her work. “THE MEE YA HTA BUILDING” (Former Railway headquarters Building) solo exhibition 2015. (See news page for recent exhibiton details and press releases)

“One of Bowen’s aims was to evoke something more than just the visual aspects of the structure, an instinct that is perhaps rooted in her appreciation of artists such as Mark Rothko who strive to create particular moods through their meticulous colour choices.” (Extract from ‘Beyond the Visual’ Douglas Long, Myanmar Times.)

Her most recent work is inspired by visits to the Mangroves in the Ayeyarwady Delta where there is a project to conserve and replant the Mangroves. Mangroves mitigate upto five times more CO2 gases than rainforests and protect lives.

November 2016 Kate is exhibiting again at Gallery 65  – Mangroves – The Forests of the Tide. In one room 18 6ft black and white canvases wrap around the room. There is a sound recording from the Mangroves and the audience enters the room through a shredded painted canvas. ( See two reviews below)

Drawing is a vital part of her work “I attend life drawing workshops and recently discovered the joys of drawing with dancing models which has fed into the fluidity of line in my work”

The stunning graphic compositions from Kate Bowen and Virginia Verran set the tone for a show dominated by themes of structure and geometry .

Paintings are in collections in USA, Europe and South East Asia.